SIREM 1st Treatments

At BugEX we pride ourselves in utilizing Integrated Pest Management practices for individual residences, multi-family housing and various commercial properties. Safe Inspection Roach Elimination Management (SIREM) is the 1st treatment to pave the way for successful pest management.


The SIREM program offers many services:

Education: A company representative will meet w management and residences at the start of a contract. Continued education will be provided on an as needed basis or at the start of a new process or system.

Preparation: Instructions for management, staff and residences will be provided to ensure that our technicians can thoroughly treat.

Examination: Detailed and thorough inspections allow the technician to determine the needs of the customer.

Extraction: High powered hepa filtered vacuums will be used to remove dead and live roaches.

Baiting: The examination process informs the technician where to properly bait allowing the treatment to remain in the treated area and not allow the roaches to scurry to other locations.

Dusting: The process of treating wall cavities by utilizing various non-chemical dusts to deter roaches from hiding out.

Inspect: At the completion of each treatment the pest technician or a quality assurance technician will review the service to guarantee that the treatment was done properly and will be effective.