Prep X Cleaning Method

PREP X is a effective broad-spectrum surface disinfectant and The ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria, viruses & fungi such as


• Human Coronavirus
• Hantavirus
• Avian influenza
• Hepatitis B and C
• Influenza A (H1N1)
• Salmonella
• Many others
Prep-Ex was first created to to help pest management professionals prevent contamination of structures. This service can effectively disinfect transportation or facilities at anytime. Prep-Ex is used to create a work environment that helps protect employees from viruses and other gross soils.
We at Bug-Ex use products that are Phosphate free and designed to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting areas where controlling the hazard of cross contamination on treated surfaces is of prime importance. Our technicians can be deployed at a moments notice to keep you moving from floor to floor with quick and effective disinfection.
This service has since been used by Pest Management Professionals to treat schools to help prevent flu outbreaks and to disinfect fecal and urine areas of high rodent activity in homes as well as commercial buildings. 
•Hallways, Elevators & Stairwells
•Lobbies & Reception Areas
•Recreational Facilities 
•Equipment Storage Areas
•Kitchens & Restrooms
•High-touch Areas
•Transportation Vehicles 
• Hallways, Elevators &    Stairwells
• Lobbies & Reception.  Areas
• Recreational Facilities 
• Equipment Storage Areas
• Kitchens & Restrooms
• High-touch Areas
• Offices
• Transportation Vehicles 

Manual Cleaning Method

•Relies on surface coverage with cleaner, leading to many untreated areas
•Relies on physical contact of cleaning medium to surface, risking abrasion and wear-and-tear
•Depending on the method of application, may require longer application times
•Physical application risks uneven application and oversight
•Many cleaning agents require dilution and mixture before application
•Physical labor often limits application capability and restricts the cleaner to a single area at a time
•Physical cleaning requires contact through wiping and rinsing
•May leave behind residual bacteria or streaks
•Requires direct interaction with contaminated surfaces
•Limits vertical reach and restricts access to awkward or tight areas