SIREM 1st Treatments

At BugEX we pride ourselves in utilizing Integrated Pest Management practices for individual residences, multi-family housing and various commercial properties. Safe Inspection Roach Elimination Management (SIREM) is the 1st treatment to pave the way for successful pest management.


The SIREM program offers many services:

Education: A company representative will meet w management and residences at the start of a contract. Continued education will be provided on an as needed basis or at the start of a new process or system.

Preparation: Instructions for management, staff and residences will be provided to ensure that our technicians can thoroughly treat.

Examination: Detailed and thorough inspections allow the technician to determine the needs of the customer.

Extraction: High powered hepa filtered vacuums will be used to remove dead and live roaches.

Baiting: The examination process informs the technician where to properly bait allowing the treatment to remain in the treated area and not allow the roaches to scurry to other locations.

Dusting: The process of treating wall cavities by utilizing various non-chemical dusts to deter roaches from hiding out.

Inspect: At the completion of each treatment the pest technician or a quality assurance technician will review the service to guarantee that the treatment was done properly and will be effective.

"We have had to have Bug-EX see our home 3 times this year. They treated first for fleas and ticks, then a destructive rat and just recently the dreaded termites. I feel like they are almost family now. The staff is very courteous, knowledgeable and conscious of your time. After our plague of critters we will use them for all our pest needs and refer to friends as well."

- Matt uzle

We had used several different companies for our pest control needs. All of them promised to get rid of the bugs, but we always seemed to have a problem with those tiny ants. Then we called bug-ex. Scott and his team did more then make promises, they delivered results. Needless to say, the ants are gone and they’ve stayed gone! Bug-EX really is the only pest control service you’ll ever need."

- Alyssa Gregory

Bug_EX was absolutely great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing pest problems. They were so much more helpful than a larger, national chain I had tried initially.

- Earl Biggers
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